Kasey Chambers and her fondness for a regional Victorian city

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Singer-songwriter Kasey Chambers is looking forward to returning to Wangaratta, a place where she has written songs early in her career.

kasey-chambers-and-her-fondness-for-a-regional-victorian-city photo 1 Photo: Kasey Chambers is looking forward to performing in Wangaratta. (Supplied: Kasey Chambers)

Kasey Chambers is looking forward to performing in Wangaratta in north east Victoria on the final leg of her Australian and United States Dragonfly tour.

Chambers and her band are performing at various venues in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

The singer-songwriter said Wangaratta was a place she always loved to return to.

"I've written songs early in my career in Wangaratta that have ended up on records."

Chambers said she would go back over the songs she had written in Wangaratta and rediscover which ones they were and include them on her set list if they were not already.

"I better get on to that now," she said.

Chambers said she and her band always had great shows in the Wangaratta area, including down the road in Albury.

"I actually used to tour a lot around that area and spent a lot of time there, even outside of gigs when I was playing with my family's 'Dead Ringer Band'," she said.

"We had a manager that lived in Albury so we spent a lot of time around there and got to know a lot of people in that area.

"So I try and get back there as much as I can as I like supporting the places that supported me before anyone cared or knew who I was."

Chambers said her vocal abilities had changed since undergoing throat surgery to remove nodules in 2015.

"To the disappointment to all my family and friends my voice is now louder than before," she said.

Jokes aside, she said the surgery had changed her voice for the better.

"I have a new depth and a new power in my voice that I didn't have before."

Chambers said her new vocal abilities had influenced her songwriting.

"It has opened up a whole new world for me: I can come up with different melodies that my voice wouldn't have been able to handle before, and that certainly inspired this new record," she said.

Chambers said her latest tour included new and old songs.

She said she could not imagine doing a gig without performing songs like The Captain, Not Pretty Enough and Barricades and Brickwalls.

"[At concerts] I give more of who I am, and where the songs came from, and talk about my family, and my inspirations and share my band with people," she said.

"I want people to go away from that gig feeling like they know me more as a person.

"I want it to feel like we're sort of hanging out in my loungeroom and jamming."

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